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Ryu Kōtei

Age: 23

 Ryu believes he has an average life. He isn't really a fan of his current job but it helps him pay the bills.
One day, he receives a phone call from his friend Rick saying he needs help. Ryu hurries to help his friend only to be confronted by a terrifying Flesh Seeker. Because of the conditions, Rick is forced to give Ryu something he's been keeping for some time... The Crown. This glove has the ability to materialise things that the user thinks of.

Rick New TP.png

Rick Jason

Age: 35

Rick, helps Ryu and Silvia in the thinking side of battles, being the oldest and smartest of the group. 

Silvia new TP.png

Silvia Kōgō

Age: 22

Silvia is Ryu's closest friend. Being the one he can always rely on. 

Earth New TP.png


Age: Unknown

A woman who controls the element of Earth. She finds Ryu and challenges him to test his power, the Crown's power. Accidentaly, she awakens a different kind of power from Ryu. A dark Essence that lurks inside the Crown.
After the battle she apologises for what she did and Ryu accepts her apology. She goes on to show Ryu that she knew his mother before, and she does this through a message that was left through the Crown.


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