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Kin TP.png


Class: Gilt Warrior

Age: ???

Octagon Stats Kin.png

The main character. Kin has no memory of his past, so he travels through the world in order to regain his memory. He is skilled in swordsmanship and focuses on damage dealt to enemies.

Catherine TP.png


Class: Enhancer

Age: 15

Octagon Stats Catherine.png

A princess that looks to help Kin in recovering his memory. However, she dislikes being a princess. She is shy, but very smart. She focuses in healing and support techniques.

Aimi TP.png


Class: Archer

Age: 21

Octagon Stats Aimi.png

A girl that travels around to find answers to what happened to the world. As she wakes up one day in her travels, she is surprised by Kin who falls from the sky. So she decides to help him. She is a skilled archer and focuses on applying ailments to enemies.

Commander TP 2.png


Class: Knight

Age: 26

Octagon Stats Commander.png

The commanding knight that serves under Catherine's father, King James. He tends to hide his true feelings, but is very noble and fateful to his king. He is skilled in knight arts and focuses on aggravating the enemy and taking on massive damage as well as a balance of power.

Dark Phantom TP.png

Dark Phantom

Age: ???

This hooded figure seeks to eliminate Kin. For what reason?
He may be connected to Kin's past.


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