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The Commander of the S.F.T.

Age: 30

The S.F.T (Special Forces of Technology) is commanded by this man whose name is unknown. No one knows what happened to his right eye, but some are too scared to even look at it.

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HQ's Captain

Age: ???

Inside the S.F.T. he is regarded as the strongest in hand to hand combat. He is known for his brute strength and arrogance. Recently he was able to awaken a power inside him, not by normal means, but with the help of a special drug that forces Essence to awaken. He was able to test this power against the Assassin.

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2nd in Command: Jin

Age: 27

The right hand man of the Commander. He has the role of supervising the scientists that work on the Flesh Seekers.

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Flesh Seekers

Age: ???

Flesh Seekers are autonomous machines used by the S.F.T to protect civilians and capture dangerous criminals. Only recently have the S.F.T started to use them publicly. But there is something else to them other than what people believe them to be.


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